WHO can participate in the ArtCrowd workshops?
ArtCrowd welcomes children and teenagers who are curious and eager to discover various subjects from the perspective of a conceptual artist, set designer, sculptor or other professionals from the fields of fine and applied arts. Please take into account the maximum number of participants specified for each workshop, as well at the age groups that a workshop is designed for.

HOW can a school or institution collaborate with ArtCrowd?

We are happy to work with state schools, as that is ArtCrowd’s vision and mission. Nevertheless, until ArtCrowd’s proposals will be available in the Romanian national curriculum, the state or private school interested to collaborate with us, is encouraged to make use of the school’s funding opportunities, the class funds or an external sponsor. As ArtCrowd is always looking for new challenges and ideas, we propose to school teachers to create new concepts with us, especially designed for the needs of their pupils.

WHERE do the ArtCrowd workshops take place?

Our workshops take place in state or private schools, other institutions, or at a private home as well. We also travel by request, on land and sea to respond to your collaboration ideas. For some projects, such as the human shadow theater project, we will ask for special conditions, such as possibility to have complete darkness in a space.

WHO leads an ArtCrowd workshop?

Our workshops are lead by a member of our team, and sometimes we introduce other professionals as well, depending on the subject matter of a workshop. There will be situations in which ArtCrowd collaborators will work without us, as we always try to introduce new professionals to the children and teenagers we work with. When the participant numbers rise above 20, we count on the assistance of a teacher or we bring our own assistant to make sure the participants receive a good amount of attention from our side. We work in Romanian, English and German by request, and so far we have offered our services to Romanian and Austrian private and state schools.

WHAT ARE THE PRICES of an ArtCrowd workshop?

So far, we have not been able to have a set price, just because the number of children and number of workshop hours varies greatly. We can say that if the project takes place outside Bucharest, there will be travel costs added to our honorarium and materials. For more details and exact pricing please write to us at

HOW CAN INDIVIDUALS apply for an ArtCrowd workshop?
If you are an adult and you have gathered a group of at least 8 children or teenagers, who would like to participate in our workshop, we kindly ask you to write to us at If you are a teacher and would like to organize an ArtCrowd workshop at your school, we kindly ask you as well to write to us at